We Are In Mind Inc.

In Mind Inc. is a Detroit-based marketing specialist. We market interesting brands, compelling products, and rich mobile experiences using engaging content for every screen.

Our firm provides a range of branded marketing services. From strategy to delivery, we collaborate with our clients to quickly bring ideas to life.

In Mind Marketing emphasizes high energy performance. Robert Hawkins, our Founder and CEO, created In Mind Inc. to partner with enterprises who are dedicated to elevating their brand experiences with customers they value.

We begin every project with a renewed excitement and fresh approach. This clean slate allows us to organically define the purpose we serve for our clients. Whether you're a startup business or a global brand, In Mind Inc. serves a broad mix of clients.

We believe all organizations must operate at a high level in today's modern business environment. We can honestly say the future of mobile-frst marketing excites us.

To be successful, it requires all of our professional capabilities to fully support your business across a wide range of market opportunities. Whether you're working toward an organizational goal or implementing new digital strategy, we are ready to help transform your business.

We Help You Market & Advertise To Win.

In Mind Inc. analyzes your brand's relationship with the audience you're targeting. Reputation matters - so we take carefully measured steps when we're focusing on your results.

We Display Digital Brands Outdoors.

From digital billboards and bus wraps to glossy posters and banners, our clients can always expect us to be fully engaged. When you interact with your customers, we believe your messaging has to be memorable.

We Bring You To All Relevant Screens.

Smartphones. Tablets. PC. TV. Radio. In Mind presents your brand in interfaces mobile customers use everyday. To keep your brand relevant, we develop vibrant interfaces your customers will enjoy.

We Help Define Who You Are Online.

People form opinions when you introduce the name of your business. In Mind helps ensure that your customers understand exactly what you stand for and why this should be important to them.

We Use Art To Help You Communicate.

Print and digital creative allow us to use fonts, colors, and graphics to help you connect with key audiences. In Mind uses best practices to help properly illustrate your visual communications.

We Offer High Impact Promotional Stuff.

Vinyl signs and banners are inexpensive brand assets that are used to deliver high impact messages. Customization comes with unique images and colors that create the approved look your brand requires.

We Energize Brands With Smart Ideas.

In Mind Inc. analyzes the brand relationship your business has with audiences you are targeting. Your reputation is valuable. It's why we use researched data to make informed brand marketing decisions.

We Create Modern Responsive Websites.

Responsive website design creates optimal, flexible user interfaces your customers can view on any device. In Mind consultants write one source of code so your business can focus on communicating what matters.

We Speak Clearly To People With Words.

Creating new, frequent and insightful content is a healthy and necessary practice of business in any industry. In Mind saves you time and frustration, as we write compelling content in the right tone for your organization.

Our Services.

In Mind Inc. offers proven solutions. When marketing on behalf of your enterprise, our team leverages smart solutions our clients can use to deliver the right brand message. Select In Mind to improve your marketing performance.

In Mind provides effective advertising and marketing solutions with flexible, affordable payment plans. This enables our clients to sensibly grow their customer base. Our programs include intelligent tactics to promote your business in online and offline channels.

Our services include market testing, market research, marketing execution and omni-channel management, with ad creative and strategies designed to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Contact us today at 313.702.9121 to request more information about our services. In Mind Inc. helps clients with:

  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobility
  • User Experience & Design
  • Branded Content & Editorial
  • Outdoor Advertising

Our Client Focus.

Every business need a mobile-friendly brand experience to remain relevant in today's market.

If your organization needs to reposition its digital strategy or simply replace an outdated website, give us a call. Contact In Mind to learn more about our impressive network of partners. We can leverage a vast list of resources and keep it in-house. Either way, In Mind Inc. will deliver the results you need.

  • Let's build more brand cache people will love
  • Let's work closely on fast, iterative processes
  • Let's be open in our approach to doing great work

Our Experience.

In Mind has a talented team of executive and support professionals. We are prepared to define, develop, and service your business requirements. We work hard on behalf of our clients' business needs and stand by all of our services.

Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation or simply reach out for an introduction to our Founder and CEO Robert Hawkins.



Our Marketing Work Is Comprehensive and Diverse.

In Mind Inc. proudly offers a proven, confident corporate history in the markets we serve. Our clients will always receive expert marketing advice. You can expect performance excellence on every project we undertake.

Feel free to contact us during normal business hours at 313.702.9121 and we will respond your inquiry within 24 hours.

We provide services that include but are not limited to:

Branding, Marketing, Managementand Strategy.

  • "Robert Hawkins is an outstanding professional who I enjoyed working with. He is an expert in the outdoor advertising field and is always willing to go the extra mile."

    Susan Hiltz, Public Affairs at AAA
  • "Robert Hawkins is a diligent professional who works very well in a wide variety of business and professional settings. He is a well known leader in metro Detroit."

    Reggie Turner, Director at Comerica and Masco Corp.
  • "Robert is a marketing and advertising expert. His ability to build marketing programs to effectively communicate a project's core message is important."

    Lisa Whitmore, Associate State Director at AARP.
  • "Robert has done an excellent job. He is well respected across the business community. He brings grit, determination and knowledge and will be an asset."

    Mark Lee, CEO at The Lee Group.

About Us

We Are A Talented Team Ready To Perform.

In Mind Inc. is a marketing and branding agency. We currently manage a diverse roster of clients. Our experience comes from working with innovative start ups to establish global brands. All clients are focused on the growth and development in their respective markets. We look for clients who are committed to their business and the process of making it better for the customers they value.

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We Help You Drive Business Success

A laser-like focus is required for us to do our best work. This holds true for all our clients. Often time, busy entrepreneurs tend to forget about focusing on the smallest details. In Mind covers what many people miss.

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We Help You Share Data Stories

The good thing about content is that it stays with you. When you post a display ads, we add it to your library of archived content. After some time, this collection helps us enrich your brand messaging.

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We Help People Trust Your Brand

When marketing centers on key topics, you are projecting yourself as an expert in the field. In Mind creates insightful creative your customers will feel inclined to trust based on the product values you are promoting.

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We Help Experts Look The Part

Being an expert is not something you can merely title yourself as. If you want your customers to consider you as an expert in your field, you need to earn it. We have a plan to help you achieve that goal.

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We Help Increase Sales Results

People are more likely to support your business if you offer useful information. Our marketing strategy can build customer interest and intrigue. This creates an incentive for them to follow you and pay more attention to your brand.

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We Help You Get Things Done

By definition, "innovation" is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, service or process that creates value. For us, it's a goal we strive for everyday. Partner with us to see how we can accomplish your goals.

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We Help Drive Inbound Leads

Along with your other inbound marketing strategies, In Mind content creation is key to delivering excellent marketing campaign performance across many channels. We align with you to strike the right balance for your brand.

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We Improve Your Digital Profile

Establishing a brand takes time. To elevate your brand, In Mind Inc. execution can help get your name stand out in your industry. We can improve your profile using proven social, email, video, voice and design tactics.

Our Skills

  • Marketing

    9.5 / 10
  • Advertising

    9.5 / 10
  • Creative

    8.5 / 10
  • Mobile Web

    8.0 / 10

Who Are We 

In Mind Inc. is a specialized advertising and marketing agency founded by Robert Hawkins. Based in Detroit, In Mind is uniquely capable of providing a portfolio of creative marketing services to clients of all sizes.

Robert Hawkins leverages 30 years of corporate marketing experience to deliver measurable results.

Our consultants will manage your marketing campaigns and brand identity for maximum peformance.

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